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Days until Christmas: 26

Christmas in Jamaica The indigenization of the Pantomime owes much to two legends of Jamaican theatre – Louise Bennett-Coverley and the late Ranny Williams who were among the pioneers of the Little Theatre Movement and who did much to mould the annual show into a unique creation, which features aspects of Jamaican culture, folklore and historical references. The Pantomime prides itself on its universal […]

Days until Christmas: 27

Christmas in Jamaica English pantomime is based upon a nursery tale fairy story and certain traditional elements of comedy, variety acts, dance numbers, singing and scenes of transformation are built into its script. At first the Jamaica pantomime followed this pattern. Very soon, however, a Jamaican theme would replace the English nursery tale. The first truly Jamaican pantomime was the […]

Days until Christmas: 28

Christmas in Jamaica Pantomime, was brought to Jamaica in 1941 by Henry Fowler and Greta Bourke who used the play to raise funds for the building of the Little Theatre. Although early pantomime followed the British tradition of opening on Boxing Day (December 26) and retained the elements of the fairytale genre, today’s version is flavoured with Jamaican patois, thanks […]

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