Days until Christmas: 155

Hi Friends!

So we have established that I love Christmas. It’s just such a special time of year. Everything feels hopeful … Magical … Different. I love the feel. I love the food. I love it all.

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Now, I know this time of year can be very spiritual for some as their celebrations come from a religious place. I am not one of those people but it doesn’t matter if you are. Know why you are celebrating and own it!

Regardless of the reason for your love of Christmas, I celebrate you!!! Drop me a note in the comment section and tell me why YOU love Christmas. Let’s be excited together!!!

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  1. I love Christmas too!!!! Omg it gives me all the feels! I’m excited just thinking about it! The air is crisp, the food is great, the lights are beautiful, the carols gives hope and the gifts ! Ugh :). While for me the story of Jesus is the biggest reason to celebrate, everything else makes the season even more perfect!

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  2. I start thinking about Christmas decorations in July!! Christmas takes me to a very happy place no matter what! It gives a special feeling of warmth, gratitude and love. It’s the season of tradition when we slow down and just enjoy company of family and friends

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