Buy Jamaican for Christmas

Hi Friends!

As we continue our countdown to Christmas, I want to take this time to encourage you all to buy local as much as possible, especially because of the impact of the pandemic. A lot of people are reeling from the effects of business closures, reduced work hours etc and while we may not be able to help everyone ourselves we can show our support in various ways.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on

I recently saw a post on IG from the Tourism Enhancement Fund for their Christmas in July virtual showcase and thought it was a really good move to get more visibility for Jamaican brands. So in that vain, here are a couple of Jamaican businesses that I support:

  • All in the details – Check them out on IG for event planning and custom home decor creations.
  • Eli’s Knits and Knots – Check them out on IG or etsy for all your crochet needs. All the items are handmade and absolutely beautiful.
  • idoeventsja – Check them out on IG and FB for event planning and catering.

Jump on over to the comments and tell me about some Jamaican businesses that you support!

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