Days until Christmas: 153

Happy Saturday Friends!

If you do a quick search for “Christmas in July”, you’ll get a mixed bag of results. You might see ads for Hallmark movies. You might even see some ads from retailers encouraging you to stay shopping early. I don’t think the concept of “Christmas in July” hasn’t quite caught on yet in Jamaica, but the Ministry of Tourism/Tourism enhancement Fund held a virtual showcase recently, highlighting local products.

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Though I have mixed feelings about Christmas in July (it’s not really Christmas, is it?) I’m entirely on board with getting a head-start on your Christmas shopping. Doing your shopping early can be a big help when it comes to budgeting and also it ensures you avoid the holiday season rush. Plus, if you look hard enough, you can get some pretty good deals if you know what you want to buy and buy early.

Head over to the comments and let me know when you start your Christmas shopping, and share any strategies you have to ensure you get it all done with the least amount of stress.

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  1. You’re smart to show discretion over Christmas in July. It shouldn’t be a replacement, after all! It should be festive but also easy, if not carefree. I shop throughout the year and also try to enjoy Christmas (the real one) in a simpler way.

    I’m glad local products are being highlighted.

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    • Thank you so much. Where possible, I want to highlight and encourage the use of local/Jamaican products.

      I always tell myself that I will shop throughout the year and avoid the rush of the season. It doesnt always work though because I kinda like shopping during the holidays. I dont want to miss any of the busy-ness and festivities (even as I try to relax).


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