Days until Christmas: 151

Hi Friends, Happy Monday.

I hope your week has started well. If not, there’s still time to change course. Make a plan and get to work … You’ve got this!

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Speaking of plan, with Christmas just under 22 weeks away, now is a good time to start thinking of possible travel plans you may have to make. The coronavirus pandemic has made a mess of a lot of things and we can’t say what December will look like. But that doesn’t mean we can think ahead. Even if you don’t finalise your plans too far ahead of time, you can start looking into deals you can capitalise on.

Do you normally travel for the holidays? Do you think it will be possible this year? Stop by the comments and let me know!

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    • I googled that … it’s approximately an 8 hour drive. WOW!

      I hope the virus doesn’t keep you from being with her and her family this year. Come to think of it driving might be better than air travel. In any case, I hope it doesnt negatively impact your plans.


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