Gift Idea: Air fryer

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Friends, I’m very excited to write this post. You see, while in lockdown, I was bored. I was alone. I had very little to do. So I found ways to amuse myself. I’m only kinda ashamed to admit that this, but amusement usually came in the form of scrolling IG and surfing amazon for things to buy.

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Now considering that I’m not working and on a tight budget, amazon surfing was not my wisest decision. However, there was an upside. One day I came up on a device … A device I knew would be my saving grace. This device, I knew in my heart of hearts would bring me unending pleasure. I bought an *air fryer*.

My beloved

Now this might not seem at all exciting but I was over the moon excited. Honestly, I still am. I’ve done bacon wrapped plantain, shrimp, toast and chicken nuggets in there. But most recently (read: last Sunday) I roasted a whole chicken in it 😀

I’m not the biggest fan of roast chicken, but I really wanted to see if the air fryer could handle it. The reviews I’ve read said it could, but I needed to see it for myself. So I bought a chicken, got it all cleaned up and seasoned and let it hideaway for 2 days. I could barely contain my excitement when Sunday came and it was time to make breakfast. I wanted any excuse to get in that kitchen and cook but I had to wait a bit. Anyhoo, after breakfast time, the chicken was thawed and ready. I didn’t have cooking spray so I rubbed a bit of cooking oil on the basket and put the bird in.

I was worried the bird wouldn’t fit, but it did with room to spare! My next worry was that the chicken wouldn’t have that nice brown colour. But that was short-lived as within a few minutes the bird started to get brown and beautiful. My new worry was that it would brown too quickly or burn and not cook all the way through.

Now, after about 30 minutes in the air fryer, I had no more worries. I was bursting with anticipation. I just wanted the chicken to be ready. in about another 40 minutes it was and my god was it good! Now I’m sure the seasoning and such added to the taste, but the ease with which I got the end result sold me on the device. I didn’t constantly have to watch it on the stove. I wasn’t worried it would stick o the pan. I wasn’t worried the pan would burn me. And I was sure the skin would be nice and crispy.

Now I say all this to say 2 things:

  1. I love my air fryer!!
  2. If you are considering one for yourself or as a gift. Do the research then get it! To be honest, I didn’t do much research beforehand. I just saw it and liked it. But a friend of mine has a *Ninja branded one* and loves it. Here are some things to consider:
    • Size/capacity (how many people are you cooking for?)
    • Digital or not
    • Do you want one that’s more like an oven and has a little window?
    • Do you need one that replaces other kitchen appliances?

Once you figure all that out go for it!! Are you thinking about getting an air fryer? Do you already own one? Let me know how you like it!

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  1. I love air fryers! I honestly use it for just about everything – without the oil and the mess! I’ve also used it to reheat fried chicken – absolutely no sagging. I’m in love❤️

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