Days until Christmas: 144

Hi Friends!

I know the day is almost over but happy Monday. I hope your week is off to a marvelous start.

I did not have the best day today. I can’t really say why (not because I don’t want to, I’m just not sure) but I feel like this is my depression rearing its head. That actually got me thinking about this post and how it almost didnt get posted despite having it noted on my to-do list. I thought to myself about how hard the holiday season must be for some people.

Christmas holidays are supposed to be cheerful, but not everyone has the luxury of enjoying the season, whether due to financial issues, or health challenges or home life difficulties. So many people have so many worries. So, I beg of you all, be kind and thoughtful to those around you. Lend a helping hand or a listening ear, if you able to do so.

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  1. I’m sorry you’ve been struggling. I’m writing a few days later on a day when I didn’t care for anything I was writing. I wasn’t sure why (beyond daily doubting), so I started writing what might be going on. I realized that I was frustrated over the agenda in the USA to reopen everything, even though virus statistics keep rising. And should they level off, they’re still really high. So I posted something rather clunky about all that.

    You are right, there are ways to celebrate for free. Listening is a tremendous gift–thank you for promoting it!

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    • This pandemic and our governments’ responses are making people frantic. I am worried about sending my son back to school come September but taking each day as it comes.

      I’m sorry that you too have been struggling. Please be sure to find an outlet that works for you (keep writibg even if clunkily) and be kinda to yourself.

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