Back to school

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We are closer to the back to school season than the Christmas season. And while that won’t stop our countdown maybe we should focus on back to school for a bit.

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In the spirit of being kind and helping out, I’ve been thinking that when I purchase items for my son to return to school, what I should do is create a care package of sorts to donate to another child. In it, I could include:

It might not be much but I know there are many families in need right now. Many people are struggling to provide meals for their households and dread the thought of back to school so why not do a little something to help.

The government has been doing what it can and respective school boards will do what they can, but it wont be enough. and it would be great if we all could help out since we all are affected one way or another.

Drop a line in the comments with other ways we can help each other out.

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  1. Honestly, I wish we weren’t going back to school yet. The disease is rising in too many places. As for how we might help students prepare, I think what you’re doing is thoughtful and hopefully manageable. In fact, if each one who could would make an extra kit while making one, that would add so much more for others.

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    • Im not at all enthused about this back to school season. I havent really started preparing because I just dont know what to expect. My son is 10 years old and asthmatic. I dont expect him to be good at stringently following protocols and I dont want to put him at risk. I am seriously considering homeschooling.

      I know many may not have the option to homeschool and many are struggling either way. I feel compelled to help even if in a very small way. I hope that those who can help, opt to do so.

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