Days until Christmas: 137

Adapting to our new normal

Hi Friends! Happy Monday

I hope you all have a fantastic week this week. The last couple of posts were focused on how we can bring of Christmas cheer to the back to school season. Please check out and share those posts so we can encourage others to help out where they can.

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I think, for the next set of posts I would like to focus on how we can prepare for and adapt to our new normal in these Covid-19 times. I’ve had people ask “What Christmas?” when they see my countdown because they themselves can’t seem to envision Christmas with all the changes that have taken place. But I think, all the changes are the exact reason we need to celebrate. So many people have been negatively affected by so many things …. think pandemic … think global recession …. think of the explosion in Beirut. With all that going on, we need whatever reason we can to celebrate and we have to do it safely.

So, let me know, how has your life changed because of all the disruptions of 2020 and how do you think you can adapt and find a way to celebrate the things that are still going right.

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