Days until Christmas: 134

What to do when you can’t travel

Hey Friends!

We are continuing our chat about holiday travel. Since we may not be able to travel as freely as we want to, we have to think of ways to lessen the distance. We will definitely have to get creative and use whatever we have at our disposal.

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  1. Use technology – Listen, with the advent of the internet and all its advancements we have many options. There are options for streaming and video chats and voice notes and email and texts. You can use a phone, tablet or laptop. There’s Alexa (Amazon’s echo devices) and Google home. At this point we can connect is only limited by the device we have access to.
  2. Online gifting – Though there is no substitute for physical presence, you can still send thoughtful gifts to your loved ones. We all know you can buy almost anything on Amazon, but if that’s not your style, there are lots of other online retailers for whatever product is on your gift Wishlist. You can buy jewelry online. You can buy plants online, though I dont suggest this for international gifts. You can buy pretty much anything online, so with a bit of time and patience, I’m sure you can find suitable gift items. (Dont forget about e-gift cards!)
  3. This option doesnt remove the travel part from the holiday, but it does suggest some adjustments. If you have to travel, you can probably re-work your usual plans. So for example if you normally do a nice big indoor dinner, depending on the weather, you can consider having an open air event.

I hope you get my drift with this. We may not be able to celebrate in the usual ways but we can still celebrate. We can maintain our closeness and connection despite the distance, is we get creative and put a bit of effort into it.

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