Days until Christmas: 128

Celebrate the little things

In one of my more recent posts I was encouraged to think of and give thanks for the little things. Sometimes when things are going wrong or when things differ from our expectations, we can get down and lose sight of those things which are still going well. Now i know a positive attitude and outlook wont necessarily fix our problems, but it may help get us on a path to being better able to weather the bad days.

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Ideally, we should have an attitude of gratitude and express it each day, but it takes practise (try using a gratitude journal like this or this). And while it becomes easier during the holidays, it doesnt mean we can’t work on it otherwise. So let’s try it out … I will tell you “a little thing” I’m grateful for, and you’ll share one with me in the comments.

  • I am grateful that my mom makes the same thing for Christmas dinner every year. I love Christmas dinner for various reasons, but I absolutely love that she doesnt change the menu. It represents comfort and stability. I can count on it and that makes it special.

BTW … If music is more your speed, remember Koffee said “Gratitude is a must”

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