Days until Christmas: 127

Even with the best of intentions, being positive isn’t always easy. Its even harder when you are in the middle of a difficult situation. Maybe you’re having money issues. Maybe you’ve lost a loved one. Maybe you are unwell. When you are going through a rough patch, its hard to see the upside.

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We already had a little chat about showing gratitude, but I want us to think of real ways we can help those around us who are having a hard time. Here in Jamaica, many folks like to drive out to the beach or to a river. Some folks like to go for a hike and just take in nature and escape the day to day. Its hard to do now, with so many of our rivers and beaches closed due to covid-19, but going for a drive with a friend who is having a hard time, may be uplifting. Another really good option, is to just be with your friend. Let them talk if they want to or just hang out so they know you are there.

A word of caution though, not everyone who is having a hard time wants help. Some people like to process their stuff on their own. Some people prefer solitude. You will know how to handle different people in different situations, but be sure to ask/offer to help. Let your people know you are there, if and when they need you.

Over to you! How do you help those close to you who may be going through a hard time? Remember to like and subscribe to the site. You can also find me on IG and FB @kharlaloveschristmas

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