Days until Christmas: 124

Even as Christmas nears, it seems so foreign. Yes, I know we are just under 18 weeks away and that there is still time for excitement to kick in. But right now everything seems so gloomy.

Here in Jamaica, we are just about 10 days away from elections. This as caused lots of people to be out and about and it seems people are ignoring Covid-19 protocols. We are already seeing a spike in our covid-19 cases from Emancipendnce (Emancipation + Independence) weekend activities. And other than causing people to pass blame, the spike doesnt seem to have made people more careful. I am hoping that this will change soon but I am not optimistic about it.

Despite this though we must not lose hope. Yes, things look gloomy now but we have time to make it better. My charge to you all this week is to do something to lift your spirits (or that of those around you). For example, if you hop over to twitter, FatKidDeals is showcasing teachers’ wish lists to help them stock their classrooms for the new year. There are surely other things you can do … send someone a message, reach out via phone call, take yourself on a solo trip … you are limited by your imagination (and your wallet). Whatever you choose to do, ensure it adds cheer to your life and takes away your stress.

Have a great week!

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