Days until Christmas: 121

Outside of the religious elements, I’d say family and gift-giving are the central themes you will find during Christmas. People generally look forward to spending time with family and celebrating each other. The showering with gifts is nice too, but what are the best kinds of gifts to give?

Physical gifts or experiences?

I suppose this depends on the recipient, but which do you think is more impactful? A tangible gift that you can have a tactile experience with or an experience that you can immerse yourself in? I recall reading an article that posited that experiences are the better way to go, but I dont think a broad brush approach can be applied to any one person. I mean, tangible gifts may be better at a particular age and stage, while experiences might be better at another.

But let us further consider other things such as cash and gift cards? Is cash an acceptable gift to give? Or is it considered impersonal along with gift certificates and gift cards? Again, I think it depends on he recipient, but let me know what you think!

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