Gift ideas: mini griddle, waffle maker and sandwich maker

Some time ago I wrote about my Air fryer and let me tell you, my love for the thing has only grown. We now eat roast chicken almost every week. But my air fryer isn’t the only thing getting a lot of use in my kitchen recently.

My fave!

I have been “collecting” products from the Dash product line. I mean, they are just so cute. That probably shouldn’t be what I use to judge the quality of product, but I buy with my eyes first. My first ever product from them was this mini waffle maker. I just saw it and loved it. It seemed so cute and gimmicky and I just loved it! If you go check it out and read the reviews you will see what I’m talking about. The thing really is mini and seems like a ridiculous thing to purchase, but it works so well for its purpose. Its great if you are cooking for maybe one or two people and dont want a whole production in the kitchen. As you can see, it wont take up much space and its non-stick so clean is a snap. The only thing I’d keep in mind, is not to over-fill it with batter …. 2 – 3 table spoons will work.

Now with how much I love the waffle maker, i had to try the griddle and the sandwich maker. I wasn’t disappointed. The griddle is the same size as the waffle make and just as wonderful. It makes the best pancakes …. they come out fluffy and perfect in just a few minutes. Again, because its non-stick clean up is a breeze, plus you dont need to use butter or oil for your pancakes. I’ve done eggs and bacon and shrimp and plantains in the griddle (not all at once). And clearly, because of it’s size you wont be making brunch for the family in it, but you could fix yourself a quick snack in it. The sandwich maker makes these perfect little triangles of goodness. It wont replace a full-sized panini maker, but its good for grilled cheese and anything else that’s not too thick.

Now, I will earn from qualifying purchases as an Amazon associate, but that’s not why I wrote this. I wrote this because I am excited by and love these products. Not only do they have that cute thing going for them, but they actually work. I have taught my son how to use the mini griddle and sandwich maker and it has given him a bit on independence in the kitchen. He now makes his own eggs in the griddle and sandwiches in the sandwich maker. So, if you saw this branch around and were wondering if they work, I can confirm they do.

Let me know if you tried any of these products or if you have any fave kitchen products that you cant do without

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