Days until Christmas: 116

Hi Friends,

As we talk about capturing memories, I started wondering about how deliberate people are when making memories. I mean, yes we take pictures and buy souvenirs. But is it something we put a lot of thought into or do we do it without even realising?

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I suppose its easier to document things when its a special occasion, like Christmas. There are so many opportunities to dress up together and snap a pic. And we may, because taking pics is now commonplace as cameras have become ubiquitous. But do we put care and effort into documenting our stories and capturing these moments? I am not the biggest fan of taking pictures but I am realising that it does more harm than good to have these snapshots to look back on.

So, tell me do you go out of your way to create and capture your treasured moments? Do you do family group pictures at the reunion? are you the one trying to make sure everyone is in at least one picture? are you busy capturing all the details and orchestrating emotion grabbing spectacles?

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