Ready to shop …

… but what will I buy?

I have been ready to start my Christmas shopping for months now. I’ve held off on it simply because I am not sure what to get my kids. I’ve held out as long as I can, but I am ready. And since Amazon Prime Day is a little over a week a way, I need to be prepared to cash in on whatever deals I can.

So, I have been thinking of ways to figure out what to get them for Christmas. I could ask them outright but that just seems boring. I’m thinking I should turn it into some sort of game or activity that will drum up some excitement.

  1. Wish Board – I’ve been thinking of creating a kind of bulletin board and allowing them to pin up notes with what they want.
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2. Mystery jar/box – I could also use a jar or box (nicely decorated of course!) and let them write what they want on a bit of paper. They wouldnt be able to see what the other wants and it keeps everyone (except the adults) guessing.

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3. Go off instinct – Rather than include the kids in the process, I could just work with what I know and hope for the best. I feel like they are a bit too old for this method. Their likes and dislikes are well-defined at this point so I think their input is really valuable. But I could wing it and definitely hold on to the element of surprise.

If I dont settle on any of these, I really could just ask, but that just seems so blah. But I want to do something to get them excited. This whole year has been so underwhelming that I want them to enjoy the holidays. I want them to have a good time amidst all the changes that we will have to make to facilitate any type of celebration.

If you have any ideas let me know!

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