Christmas plants for your décor

Hi Friends!

We have 10 weeks until Christmas. Are you excited? Because I’m excited!

Now we all know that this Christmas will be different than any other we have experienced. How different? Well that depends on you and your family and how you usually celebrate. In any case, I’m sure, where possible, a bit of extra effort will be put into this year’s celebrations so that the occasion feels less drab and blah. Effort will go into making sure people (especially our kids) have some semblance of normalcy to hold on to.

With that in mind, lets start thinking of how we will make our homes feel festive! Over the past week or so, I have been posting tidbits about some of our more popular Christmas plants. A lot of people got into gardening during quarantine so it stands to reason that we may see plants playing an even bigger role in our Christmas décor.

On Countdown Day 81, we learned (as if we didnt already know) that Poinsettias are one of the most popular Christmas plants. They are given as gifts and used to decorate homes and offices. Like this beauty below! Can you imagine this as a centerpiece on your dining room table or coffee table? At first glance, it looks so real but its actually artificial so you can enjoy it for years to come!

If large centerpieces or arrangements arent your thing, but you still want to include poinsettias in your décor, you can add them to your tree using flower ornaments like these (I love the hint of gold).

Or you can use garlands like this! If you prefer, you can actually make your own garlands using flower ornaments and other craft items … that way you can get your family members involved and make decorations tailored to your tastes.

You can add holly berries to your garlands or wreath arrangements to make them even more festive! Holly was considered sacred because it remained green and strong during winter. Its berries are brightly colored red in the harshest of conditions. I’m loving this one with the gold berries, but you can opt for traditional red or even white.

As you can probably tell, there are numerous ways to include plants in your décor. You are limited only by your imagination. And after the rough year we’ve had decorations and other adornments should be in abundance so our spirits can be lifted.

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