Do I really need AirPods?

Hey Friends!

I have been considering getting a pair of the Apple AirPods Pro. If you aren’t familiar with them, the AirPods Pro are the latest iteration of earbuds from Apple. According to Apple, the AirPods Pro “deliver Active Noise Cancellation for immersive sound”. They also have an option that lets you hear your surroundings. You can customize the fit of the tips so it fits yours ears better than a one size fits all situation.

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As one would expect the AirPods Pro seamlessly integrate with Siri, so you can tell it to play you favourite songs or set reminders or read your messages, or do whatever you need her to do. You get about 24 hours of listening time and 18 hours of talk time. There are controls for your music, and if your phone supports it you can use audio sharing to share the same audio stream on 2 sets of AirPods … meaning you and a pal can watch movies or listen to an audiobook or listen to the same music together (I imagine this is kind of like having your own silent party).

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So, now that we know what they are and what they should do, I am back to my question of do I really need a pair? I imagine earbuds were meant for people who are always listening to music or podcasts. I am not one of those people. I suppose I could be, but I’m currently not. It’s not that I don’t listen to music, I just don’t think I listen to it enough to need a device dedicated to that purpose.

Maybe I could grow into having a pair. I mean, if I spent my money on them, I may very well be inclined to make the most of them. I could use them when I do my exercises. I could use them when I’m watching Netflix in bed. I could use them to drown out my kid when he is watching people on YouTube play Minecraft. I am not entirely convinced these are compelling enough reasons to buy them … but I still want them.

So friends, tell me what you think. Do I really need AirPods or does it sound like I just want them because they are there? Do you own a pair? Do you actually use them?

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