I can’t stop thinking about bottle cleaning tabs

I have spent many hours browsing Buzzfeed gift guides and lists of things to buy (please don’t judge me). And I’ve seen these little effervescent tablets being touted as a god send for cleaning water bottles, travel mugs (here is a link to my favourite mug) and the like. They seem fun to look at and have been said to be very useful and effective. If you’ve never seen them, have a look at this video.

But I cant help but wonder why they’re necessary . You see, these tabs are placed into stained, smelly, or otherwise dirty containers with the aim of restoring them to a clean state. You put the tablet into your container then add hot/warm water and then it works its magic. So far, so good. What’s got me stumped is how the container got that way in the first place!

Let’s say you’ve got a coffee cup that you use everyday. Is it not washed everyday? Let’s say you forgot to wash it or empty its contents, would that be enough to stain the inside of the cup? This seems unlikely to me. From my own experience, once left to soak for a bit and washed thoroughly containers can be revived to their previously glorious, shiny selves.

So then I thought, maybe it’s the cleaning method. Dishwashers aren’t particularly popular in my country, so dishes are generally done by hand. Could this account for the difference? Is a sponge and/or bottle brush more effective than a dishwasher? If so, why not go that route instead of risking stains etc in your cup and then needing an additional cleaning product?

Well, whatever the case is, someone saw the need for this little cleaning gem and clearly this a market for it (It has over 19,000 ratings on Amazon!). Tell me, have you ever tried this (or a similar) product? What lead you to try it? Does it really work? Share your experience and enlighten me!

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