How do you feel about bracelet flasks?

The trend to make everyday items multi-functional has increased over the past few years. Our phones are no longer just for talking. We can run entire businesses from them. Our watches no longer just tell time. They can now capture all manner of information about our health and fitness. Even our jewelry has dual purposes. They are no longer just for adornment, but they can get you help in an emergency.

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Recently, I stumbled on this bracelet flask and I couldn’t help but wonder why is it a thing, while simultaneously thinking I really want it! If not already clear from the name, a bracelet flask is a piece of jewelry that also works as a flask. Its absolutely perfect for those occasions where you need to “discreetly” tote around a few ounces of a little somethin’.

Look at this one that I spotted over at It’s really kinda cute. I love the blue one but the cork sticking out of the top is kinda weird. Also, it holds about a shot of liquor … which I suppose is enough to chug quickly, without looking too weird.

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This one from Amazon, holds 2 – 3 shots and even comes with a funnel for easy filling!

How is that not a win?!

The bracelets can be found in a variety of looks. Some a plain while others are bedazzled! Some have rhinestone caps while others have wine cork looking caps. There’s something for everyone. After a bit of browsing, I must admit that this is an interesting little gizmo. I am not seeing a practical everyday application for this, but it may be a fun item to take along to parties and festivals and the like. It might even be a good conversation starter if you are in a spot where you may need a bit of help.

So Friends, let me know how you feel about this bit of functional jewelry! Have you ever seen one in real life? Do you or someone you know own one? Have you seen one of the other novelty flasks (lipstick, hairbrush, tampons)? Would you like one as a gift?

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Thank you for reading!

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