Have you seen this flat water bottle?

I am not currently in the market for a water bottle but I love the options. You can have glass, plastic or metal water bottles. You have insulated and non-insulated options. The design options are innumerable.

So a bit of random browsing brought me to the memobottle. This is the first flat water bottle I’ve ever come across. It hadn’t occurred to me that a flat water bottle was a possibility, but having seen it, I kinda like it. It would be kinda weird to drink from, but the more I think about it is the more I can see how a flat water bottle makes sense. It would fit a lot better in a handbag or laptop bag. It would be a lot less bulky when compared to a traditional bottle. It probably wouldn’t be a good replacement for a bottle you’d take on a walk or to the gym etc.

This would definitely fit better in a handbag but I don’t think it would be great at the gym.

It holds about 750ml (about 25oz).

This version is the 6oz bottle. I can’t think of a practical every day use, but it may be good to keep in a first-aid kit or something like that.

While it may not be the most practical purchase ever, I’d still get it because it looks cool. Tell me what you think folks! Would you buy this? Would you hate it if someone gifted it to you?

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