Have you seen this building block mug?

I can’t say that I have spent much time with building blocks recently. To be honest, the most I’ve done is shop for Legos for my son for Christmas. Despite this, I do feel that building blocks are a wonderful toy regardless of age. It helps get the creative juices flowing and if nothing else, it can be a great bonding experience.

Anyhoo, during a bit of doom scrolling on Amazon I came across this mug. So what’s so great about this mug? Well, not only is it good for sipping your fave beverage, you can use your blocks with it. You can add blocks in no particular pattern or create a wonderful scene to accompany snack time. It is not a lego branded item but I gather that it works with blocks from various manufacturers.

I can see this being a great gift for any fan of blocks. I can also see it being a big distraction at meal time and being fought over if there is more than one block lover! So gift wisely.

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