How do you feel about inflatable chairs?

I have been thinking about ways I could spend more time outside without leaving home. The simple solution would be go wandering around my yard (duh!) Its not a big yard but there is enough space for some fruit trees, a garden and a sitting area. I even have a patio! What I don’t have is a comfortable place to sit.

Unfortunately, my current residence isn’t a permanent one, and though I am not sure when I will be moving, I don’t want to have too much to move with. I don’t want to put down too many roots and then have difficulty leaving. So I have been looking into portable furniture items and then I came up on these …. inflatable chairs!!!

Check out this guy! Image by Tania Dimas from Pixabay

Maybe I am late to the party but I now love these things! They seem like so much fun, but more importantly they are very temporary. You can inflate them when needed and then deflate and store them when you don’t. You can take them from room to room or place to place, without much difficulty. I am in love!

I am a little worried about the quality of the plastic and having to inflate often but I am very intrigued and think they would suit me just fine.

I like this one but it seems kind of low and small. There are almost 2000 ratings on Amazon, a lot of which are positive. I just wish there were more pictures of it being used by adults.

I like this one because it seats multiple people. And it looks big enough to be really comfortable.

This one might be good for folks who actually want to do outdoorsy things, like camping etc. It might even work at the beach.

So friends, tell me if you have tried these inflatable beauties. What has your experience been like? Are they more trouble than they are worth?

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Thank you for reading!

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