How do you feel about planter bags?

First off, a planter bag or grow bag is a bag which you can fill with soil and grow plants. They are usually made from breathable fabrics and come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. I must admit that I had never heard of these things before I came across them in a video. They were being used as an alternative way of growing potatoes. I thought this was pretty cool, since not only could you grow your own potatoes but you didn’t need much space to do so.

This isn’t the video I saw but its the same idea.

There are many other ways to grow potatoes (and other tubers/ground provisions) in containers such as buckets and laundry baskets but I’m gonna focus on planter bags.

As I mentioned before, using planter bags or grow bags solves several problems. If you have no space to plant things in the ground, fill up some bags and you’re good to go. Not sure you want to commit to planting in a certain area? Move your planter bags to your preferred spot. You can even hang them if you’d like! No longer interested in gardening? Dump out the soil and put away the bags.

The flexibility you get with grow bags makes them quite popular.

This one has over 22,000 ratings/reviews on Amazon! It comes in 10 sizes, ranging from 1 gallon to 30 gallons and it’s sold in packs of five.

I’m definitely feeling this set of grow bags.

This planter bag is also sold in multi-packs. How much you get is determined by the size of the bag you buy.

In any case, I kinda like this one a bit more than the other. Why? Well, its because of it comes with a little flap that you can roll open to harvest any root vegetables you may have grown. I think this is definitely a plus.

I am still new to the world of gardening but I absolutely love the idea of using planter bags. The flexibility is a big win when you arent in a position to have a permanent gardening space.

So tell me, have you ever used planter bags? Did you love them or hate them? Should I give them a try?

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Thank you for reading!

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