Do you use a fabric defuzzer?

Have you ever grabbed a piece of clothing only to realize it doesnt look quite as good as you recall because its now covered by lint and fuzzies? Annoying, isn’t it? If it’s not too bad, you can pick them off by hand. However, if your clothes are covered in these fuzzies, the hand-picking method can get burdensome.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

I generally find that a razor does a good job. It gets rid of these little bothers without damaging the fabric. To be honest, it would never have occurred to me to use anything but a razor. But today I learned that there is a little device that will do it for you!

This fabric shaver safely removes pills and matted fibers from your clothes. Once removed they are gathered in a lint catcher.

There’s a battery-powered version as well as a rechargeable one.

This fabric shaver is a tad more compact and is rechargeable.

I kinda like this one because its cuter than the one above (smile).

Not only wont your arm tired, but you can probably cover a lot more surface area with an electronic device. In the reviews someone said they use it to remove fuzz from their sheets/blankets! Now that’s something! Would you use a defuzzer or are you good with a regular razor?

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