Do tangled sheets test your patience?

I must admit that I have never really considered this as enough of a problem to do something about it. I accepted it as a part of life. But someone out there has had enough of tangled sheets! So they came up with this thing.

It is a little device that prevents your bed sheets from getting tangled in the washer/dryer.

The product description says not only will it keep your sheets from getting tangled, but other laundry items wont get trapped in your sheets and your items will dry much faster.

So, tell me … would you invest in this little thing? Is tangled laundry that much of a problem for you?

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Do you use a fabric defuzzer?

Have you ever grabbed a piece of clothing only to realize it doesnt look quite as good as you recall because its now covered by lint and fuzzies? Annoying, isn’t it? If it’s not too bad, you can pick them off by hand. However, if your clothes are covered in these fuzzies, the hand-picking method can get burdensome.

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I generally find that a razor does a good job. It gets rid of these little bothers without damaging the fabric. To be honest, it would never have occurred to me to use anything but a razor. But today I learned that there is a little device that will do it for you!

This fabric shaver safely removes pills and matted fibers from your clothes. Once removed they are gathered in a lint catcher.

There’s a battery-powered version as well as a rechargeable one.

This fabric shaver is a tad more compact and is rechargeable.

I kinda like this one because its cuter than the one above (smile).

Not only wont your arm tired, but you can probably cover a lot more surface area with an electronic device. In the reviews someone said they use it to remove fuzz from their sheets/blankets! Now that’s something! Would you use a defuzzer or are you good with a regular razor?

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from links on this page. This doesn’t cost you anything but helps me earn to keep this website going.

Where do you do your shopping?

Online shopping is big business. A lot of how our world looks today is because of the proliferation of e-commerce. Brick and mortar stores have closed. Business models have changed. Accessibility and awareness have increased many times over. You can check out some very interesting statistics here.

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I too, am a very big proponent of online shopping (despite challenges such as wasteful packaging). Most of my shopping these days is done via Amazon. This is primarily because I have signed up for the Amazon Prime service and get 2 day shipping. It also helps that you can get from a pin to an anchor on there.

However, when I am not shopping via Amazon. I shop through Rakuten. Rakuten isn’t a store, they are a cashback intermediary. What this all means is that when I shop through sites and apps who partner with Rakuten, I get cashback. Some of the stores I shop at regularly include H&M, Target and Nike. When I make a purchase at these stores through Rakuten, I get a percentage of my purchase returned as cashback.

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Can I tell you, the most surprising service provider on Rakuten? UberEats! Do you know how many orders I placed via UberEats?? Anyway, if you don’t have a store in mind that you want to buy from, you can always do a product search and Rakuten will provide you with a list of retailers at which you can find your product. While the cashback isn’t always immediately significant – remember it’s based on how much you spend as well as the cashback percentage from the store – it does add up. Every quarter the funds are sent to my paypal account, from which I can then make other purchases.

Rakuten offers cashback on purchases from some retailers. Sign up using my link and get $10 cashback when you make a purchase of at least $25.

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I can’t stop thinking about this screen protector.

As the dutiful cellphone owner that I am, I got a phone case and screen protector to keep my device in the best condition possible. Let’s face it, with our whole worlds wrapped up in these nifty little packages, our phones need to be properly cared for. And sometimes they may even need to be protected from us. After some amount of time and countless drops, my screen protector needed changing. Thankfully, it took the brunt of all my missteps and my screen didnt shatter.

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But now, I was in need of a replacement screen protector. I tried to delay this as much as I could. After all, I could the screen protector was only cracked and I could still see just fine. Shards of glass weren’t yet poking me in the finger, so I figured I had some time to play with. Sadly, I couldn’t put off the inevitable for much longer. Fortunate for me though, I was recently gifted a set of screen protectors.

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Now, I hadn’t bought a screen protector in a while so I must admit that I was dreading replacing the damaged one. The thought of removing the old one, cleaning the screen then painstakingly applying the new one, ensuring perfect alignment, was stressing me out. So you can only imagine how happy I was with my gift.

You see, this screen protector wasn’t quite what I was expecting. It wasn’t what I was used to. The box was pretty standard. But when I opened it, it had more than just the screen protectors! There were dust removal wipes. There a little silicone thing to help get rid of air bubbles. There were these little sticky things to help get rid of lint. There was a microfibre cloth. However, the best thing in the package was thing little tray.

It looks intimidating, but it’s amazing! No more worrying about your screen protector not being perfectly positioned!

The little tray seemed a little confusing at first, however once I figure it out my mind was blown! You see, this little try, otherwise noted as an “auto-alignment installation kit” is meant to take the guesswork and heartache out of correctly position the screen protector on your phone.

From Amazon

Once you remove the adhesive backing and clean your phone screen, you just have to put the tray with the screen protector already in place, on your phone. You apply some pressure and then after a few seconds, you remove any air bubbles and that’s it! You’re done! And your beloved device is back to being protected without you having to stress or call in reinforcements to make sure everything lines up perfectly.

I’m very happy to have stumbled on to this little gem, despite how late I may be to the party. Did I mention that you get 2 in the box? No? Well, that’s also another reason to love this item. Anyhoo, have you ever tried this? Are you mad that no one told you about it? Are you surprised others don’t know about it? Well share the word (and this post)!

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I can’t stop thinking about bottle cleaning tabs

I have spent many hours browsing Buzzfeed gift guides and lists of things to buy (please don’t judge me). And I’ve seen these little effervescent tablets being touted as a god send for cleaning water bottles, travel mugs (here is a link to my favourite mug) and the like. They seem fun to look at and have been said to be very useful and effective. If you’ve never seen them, have a look at this video.

But I cant help but wonder why they’re necessary . You see, these tabs are placed into stained, smelly, or otherwise dirty containers with the aim of restoring them to a clean state. You put the tablet into your container then add hot/warm water and then it works its magic. So far, so good. What’s got me stumped is how the container got that way in the first place!

Let’s say you’ve got a coffee cup that you use everyday. Is it not washed everyday? Let’s say you forgot to wash it or empty its contents, would that be enough to stain the inside of the cup? This seems unlikely to me. From my own experience, once left to soak for a bit and washed thoroughly containers can be revived to their previously glorious, shiny selves.

So then I thought, maybe it’s the cleaning method. Dishwashers aren’t particularly popular in my country, so dishes are generally done by hand. Could this account for the difference? Is a sponge and/or bottle brush more effective than a dishwasher? If so, why not go that route instead of risking stains etc in your cup and then needing an additional cleaning product?

Well, whatever the case is, someone saw the need for this little cleaning gem and clearly this a market for it (It has over 19,000 ratings on Amazon!). Tell me, have you ever tried this (or a similar) product? What lead you to try it? Does it really work? Share your experience and enlighten me!

As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from links on this page. This doesn’t cost you anything but helps me earn to keep this website going.