Where do you do your shopping?

Online shopping is big business. A lot of how our world looks today is because of the proliferation of e-commerce. Brick and mortar stores have closed. Business models have changed. Accessibility and awareness have increased many times over. You can check out some very interesting statistics here.

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I too, am a very big proponent of online shopping (despite challenges such as wasteful packaging). Most of my shopping these days is done via Amazon. This is primarily because I have signed up for the Amazon Prime service and get 2 day shipping. It also helps that you can get from a pin to an anchor on there.

However, when I am not shopping via Amazon. I shop through Rakuten. Rakuten isn’t a store, they are a cashback intermediary. What this all means is that when I shop through sites and apps who partner with Rakuten, I get cashback. Some of the stores I shop at regularly include H&M, Target and Nike. When I make a purchase at these stores through Rakuten, I get a percentage of my purchase returned as cashback.

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Can I tell you, the most surprising service provider on Rakuten? UberEats! Do you know how many orders I placed via UberEats?? Anyway, if you don’t have a store in mind that you want to buy from, you can always do a product search and Rakuten will provide you with a list of retailers at which you can find your product. While the cashback isn’t always immediately significant – remember it’s based on how much you spend as well as the cashback percentage from the store – it does add up. Every quarter the funds are sent to my paypal account, from which I can then make other purchases.

Rakuten offers cashback on purchases from some retailers. Sign up using my link and get $10 cashback when you make a purchase of at least $25.

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