I’ve got my eye on an ice-cream maker

Hi Friends!

Something new has popped up on my radar and now I can’t stop thinking about it. A few days ago I wrote about wanting a milkshake maker because I had been craving milkshakes but I couldn’t get one brought to me. If I had my own milkshake maker I could make them myself whenever I wanted.

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This seemed like a reasonable proposition until I realised that I didnt have the ingredients to make a milkshake. Well, I had milk but no ice-cream. NO ICE-CREAM!!! So that got me thinking, what kind of house am I running that doesnt have a constant supply of ice-cream? Then it hit me that I need an ice-cream maker.

At home ice cream makers work by manually or electrically churning a cream based mixture to produce small batches of ice-cream. Some require that the mixture or machine be pre-cooled to ensure it is kept cool and aerated while churning.

One of the big benefits of making your own ice cream is that you control what goes in it. You can make it with dairy substitutes or add-ins according to your liking. And then who can forget the added benefit of having ice-cream on hand at all times???? Uh I am excited!

Have a look at this one? It makes enough for 1 serving in about 30 minutes. The cup has to be chilled for 24 hours, after which you can have your ice-cream in about 30 minutes.

The good folks who have made that single serving size maker, have also made one that’s a bit larger so you can share with your family (if you must).

This little device from Cuisinart is a tad pricey but it wears many hats. You can make ice cream or yoghurt or gelato!

The prospect of having ice cream whenever I want it, without having to run to the store, is very exciting. I am seriously considering purchasing this, but as usual several questions arise. Do I really need it or am I just excited by the novelty of it? Am I actually going to use it? Is this the best use of my money?

So friends, what do you think? Should I get an ice-cream maker?

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I’ve got my eye on a milkshake maker

Photo by Lucio Panerai on Pexels.com

For the past few weeks I have been craving milkshakes. I’m not sure what exactly I’m craving but I know its all wrapped up in the cold, sweet, creamy concoction. The challenge I face though, is that I am not mobile right now and none of my usual delivery services will deliver one to me. So I am left craving, wanting … NEEDING a milkshake.

With that in mind, I have set out to find a solution to my no milkshake having problem. I could ask a friend and I did, but that hasn’t panned out. So I got to the point where I thought of making one myself. I can get all the ingredients at the store and whip one up.

But wait … What am I going to whip it up in? A regular blender? Sure, seems doable but not quite. It just seems like the blender is not quite right for the job, hence my foray into the world of milkshake makers! Milkshake makers have one purpose … to make you a fantastic milkshake.

A milkshake maker uses a stem-like arm to combine the ingredients completely, so you get a glorious creamy product that isn’t watery or thin. This machine gives you more control over your creation. You can aim the stem wherever you need more blending and ensure that all your added treats are evenly distributed. A milkshake maker also froths the milk and ice cream, making a thicker, tastier treat with just the right consistency. The stem aerates the ingredients, while a blender simply rotates the ingredients.

Ohhh with a process like that I can already taste the yumminess! And after a bit of scrolling on Amazon, I am convinced buying one is a good idea!!! So far I am loving this Brentwood Classic Milkshake Maker.

Isn’t this oh so cute? I feel like if I had it, I would use it.

This one doesnt look quite as much, but it looks like it would work.

But it begs the question … Do I really need one? How many times am I really going to use it? Couldn’t I just use a blender for the occasional milkshake craving? Is getting one more trouble than its worth? How can I possibly justify this purchase?

What do you think folks, should I get a milkshake maker?

As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from links in this page. This doesn’t cost you anything but helps me earn to keep this website going.