Did you know about thick water?

I spend a lot of time scrolling through timelines on Twitter. This past weekend I came across a post with a video of 2 gentlemen who were going to attempt to recreate a big mac. Hmm, nothing special about this, right? Wrong!

You see not only were they going to attempt to recreate the Big Mac, but there were going to make everything from scratch, and use all the chemicals as noted by McDonalds. Here is the video if you want to watch:

Now the video was quite interesting but something about one of the ingredients caught my eye. THICK WATER! What is that?

Thick water and other thickened liquids are generally consumed by people who have challenges swallowing. People who have trouble swallowing may find that liquids cause coughing, spluttering or aspiration . Thickening liquids allow them to be consumed safely. There are various consistencies to thickened liquids, and people can make them at home using thickening powders or purchase pre-thickened liquids.

Pardon my ignorance, but I had never thought of the challenges that might come if you have difficulties swallowing, before looking into what thick water is. I’ve never known anyone who would need it. So I’m glad I came across it in the video. I’m happy to have learned something. Have any of you ever heard of thickened liquids? Have you every tried them?

Thank you for reading!

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