I’ve got my eye on some coffee mugs.

Let’s just start by getting this out of the way … I love mugs. I dont know why. I cant explain it. I just do. I have more mugs than glasses in my kitchen. I have regular mugs. I have oversized mugs. I have mugs with designs on them. I have mugs without.

What I don’t have are glass mugs. I don’t have those cute double walled joints that you can see your yummy concoctions through.

Look at these double walled mugs. Aren’t they just beautiful?!?

This set of 2 comes with a cute little spoon! YAY!!

Come on now! The interior of this one is shaped like a heart. How could I not love this?

What do you think? Are these just so fun looking and fancy? Wouldn’t having your coffee or tea be soooo much better from one of these? I kinda think so. Tell me what you think. How do you feel about mugs? How many is too much?

Thank you for reading!

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