Is an automatic pot stirrer really worth it?

I’ve seen these in posts that claim they have the answer to your kitchen and cooking woes, but I can’t quite wrap my my around them. Automatic stirrers are gadgets that take the hassle out of constantly stirring whatever you’ve got going in the kitchen.

Their claim to fame is that they will keep things moving, prevent burning, save time and free you up for other activities. Maybe these are something I should get on board with. Apparently, they are great for stirring sauces and soups and anything else that may need a bit of attention. they come in various forms.

This one attaches to your pot, kind of like a lid. It is adjustable to fit various pot sizes.

This one is a stand alone item that you place in the pot/container and it will just do it’s thing.

I kinda like that stand alone stirrer. It seems more versatile. I am not sure I’m quite sold on the idea just yet but it seems like a nifty device to have on hand. I can imagine though that for folks who may have pain or mobility issues, this may be a big help. What do you think? Would you get an automatic stirrer?

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