I’ve got my eye on a mug warmer.

Have you ever made a cup of something – coffee, tea, cocoa, whatever – and forgotten about it? Have you ever felt bad about tossing it, so you try reheating it or drinking it cold? It’s not always pleasant, is it? Enter a little contraption called a mug warmer!

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A mug warmer is a device on which you place your mug (glass or ceramic usually). with you preferred beverage. The heating plate will keep the contents of your cup warm and at a palatable temperature. That way you can enjoy your beverage, even if/when you get distracted by your daily tasks. I suppose, you could achieve the same objective by keeping your beverage in an insulated mug. However, I like mug warmers because they can fit various sizes of mugs, allowing you to enjoy a range of meals/beverages such as soup or oatmeal. Plus, if you are home, it’s less likely that you’ll pull for your travel mug.

This mug warmer has 3 temperature settings for you to choose from. It also has an auto-shut off feature, that turns it off after 4 hours of use.

This mug warmer allows you to choose from 4 temperature settings. It also shuts off after 4 hours.

This mug warmer comes with a low, flat-ish surface that expands its usefulness. You could probably fit a small plat on there to keep your snacks warm (think cookies or brownies). The retailer notes that you can use it to warm your scented candle melts!!

Most mug warmer options come as a stand alone product, however you do have some that come as a set with a mug included. A quick search over at Rakuten shows that you can purchase coffee warmers from various stores. They even show you how much cashback you will received. If you prefer to shop on Amazon, you know they will give you many options. Do you have a mug warmer? Is it really useful or does it end up as another of those things you buy and forget to use?

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