Would you try a hanging window desk?

As more and more folks work from home (WFH), is the more and more companies invest in coming up with ways to make WFH comfortable. One such idea it seems, is to make use of big beautiful windows and turn them into a workspace but hanging or mounting a desk on them.

Image from Shark Tank Products

It’s almost like having a shelf attached to a window, isn’t it? The desk is secured to the window using suction cups and brackets or paracords. Having the desk on your window is meant to encourage standing rather than sitting all day (check out some of the dangers of sitting). It’s meant to be portable and temporary. So you can take it with you from room to room. You can add it as an extra place to stash your plants or office supplies. However, it should be noted that most products have a stated weight limit and aren’t intended to replace your regular desk.

I must admit that this looks very cool but I’m not sure I trust it. Will it really stay on the window? Tell me what you think. Would you try this out?

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