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Christmas plants for your décor

I have been posting tidbits about some of our more popular Christmas plants. A lot of people got into gardening during quarantine so it stands to reason that we may see plants playing an even bigger role in our Christmas décor.

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Days until Christmas: 68

DID YOU KNOW the world record for the most couples kissing under the mistletoe is 480? The record was set in 2019. Source

Days until Christmas: 69

DID YOU KNOW Equally important to the shape of the wreath, was the material forming them? The evergreen tree. Together, the circular shape and the evergreen material make the wreath a representation of eternal life. SOURCE

Days until Christmas: 70

DID YOU KNOW the shape of the wreath is significant as a representation of divine perfection? It symbolizes eternity, as the shape has no end. SOURCE

Christmas plants for your décor

Hi Friends! We have 10 weeks until Christmas. Are you excited? Because I’m excited! Now we all know that this Christmas will be different than any other we have experienced. How different? Well that depends on you and your family and how you usually celebrate. In any case, I’m sure, where possible, a bit of extra effort will be put […]


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