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Christmas plants for your décor

I have been posting tidbits about some of our more popular Christmas plants. A lot of people got into gardening during quarantine so it stands to reason that we may see plants playing an even bigger role in our Christmas décor.

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Days until Christmas: 22

Christmas in Jamaica Adults and children alike would run away screaming when Jonkonnu characters like ‘the Devil’ would jab at them with his fork.’  The dance group would include musicians who would play rustic instruments like drums, rattler and fife as they walked among the costumed characters. SOURCE

Days until Christmas: 23

Christmas in Jamaica Traditional Jonkonnu most often includes as core participants, the cow head, the horsehead, the devil, the different categories of warriors and Indians, as well as a character known as Pitchy-Patchy. The more popular characters are quite worthy of further mention as their presence in the festival evoked an admixture of fear and excitement in onlookers. SOURCE

Days until Christmas: 24

Christmas in Jamaica The ‘Jonkonnu’ Festival was conceived as a festive opportunity afforded the slave class by the planter class, as Christmas was one of the few periods when the slaves were relieved of their duties.  From as early as the beginning of the 18th century masked and costumed performers have paraded the streets of Jamaica most often at Christmas time, […]

Days until Christmas: 25

Christmas in Jamaica The John Canoe or Jonkonnu has a very long tradition as a folk festival, incorporating both African and European forms. The ‘Jonkonnu’ Festival is secular in nature and its performance at Christmas time is merely historical. SOURCE


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